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How to Trade Forex with Regression Trend Channels - Jarratt Davis

m217irr mentioned about it here but I did not understand it in that time. Usually, if we are using the indicators from the items 2, 3 and 4 we should use it together with at least one "normal" indicator. But if we want to estimate something (market condition for example) we may use these indicators alone.

Trading Channels – Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Recently one of our members posed a question about what Regression Trend Channels are and how to use them.

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Whatever strategy is used, together with the great leverage, liquidity, and explosive volatility of the Forex, channels can be a gateway to outstanding profits.

Forex Indicator Tips Raff Regression Channel Trading

The basics have been amended since and the accepted default method is currently that the bands are based on the average true range (ATR), but the ATR is calculated over 10 periods.

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