Diversification strategy of global media conglomerates

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In the process, they have grown into enormous multinational conglomerates. The purpose of the merger was to improve the company's marketing efforts, "especially exports and the development of international brands."27 All of the company's operations are run out of the company's United Kingdom office, except for those of Japan, Mexico, South Korea and the United States, which are handled at Brown & Williamson's Kentucky headquarters.

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Globalisation is often portrayed as a positive movement which brings diverse cultures and societies together, integrating them into a global village with evident benefits for all participants in the process.



To understand more about cookies, tags, and tracking, see our Privacy Statement *Prices in US$ apply to orders placed in the Americas only. Although a few more advanced crossmedia productions have taken place, these have tended to emerge ad hoc - out of initiatives from individual employees.

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Thus, a scientific dialogue on entrepreneurial orientation and spirit in family businesses and SMEs has emerged as a relevant topic.

Diversification strategy of global media conglomerates:

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