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What is a stock-for-stock merger and how does. - Investopedia

Consider the sale of shares of a corporation, Targetco, which has outstanding stock options, to an arm’s-length party, Purchaseco.

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I work for a publicly traded company that was acquired by another publicly traded company.

What is a <i>stock</i>-for-<i>stock</i> <i>merger</i> and how does. - Investopedia

Advisory Stock Options in Merger & Acquisition Transactions

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Do you know what happens to your options if your company gets acquired? See Fred Wilson and Brad Feld for primers on vesting.) Let’s say you’re an early employee at a startup and you get a grant for options representing 1% of the company with 4 year vesting. Your company has one of these to govern all options granted to employees.

Stock options merger:

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