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Windowsで zipのパスワードをコマンドラインから与える方法 -.

-DUNIX -DBSD -D_BSD -DUNIX" LF2="-lbsd"#cc -c -O -I.

Database Express Edition Licensing Information - Contents

Unzipsfx est une version modifiée de unzip(1) conçue pour être préfixée à des archives ZIP existantes afin de les transformer en archives auto-décompactables.

Windowsで zipのパスワードをコマンドラインから与える方法 -.


These features are covered in the Web If section of this page.


A: Add files to archive b: Benchmark d: Delete files from archive e: Extract files from archive (without using directory names) l: List contents of archive t: Test integrity of archive u: Update files to archive x: e Xtract files with full paths -ai[r[-|0]]: Include archives -ax[r[-|0]]: e Xclude archives -bd: Disable percentage indicator -i[r[-|0]]: Include filenames -m: set compression Method -o: set Output directory -p: set Password -r[-|0]: Recurse subdirectories -scs: set charset for list files -sfx[]: Create SFX archive -si[]: read data from stdin -slt: show cal information for l (List) command -so: write data to stdout -ssc[-]: set sensitive case mode -ssw: compress shared files -t: Set type of archive -u[-][p#][q#][r#][x#][y#][z#][!

Unzipsfx options:

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