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This urdu tutorial is a step by step guide in which we will teach you forex trading strategies, platform, system, some cool tips and daily rates.

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The commonly traded currency pairs are EUR/USD USD/JPY When we take a currency pair as an instrument we believe that By buying EUR/USD we are buying when buying EUR By Selling or Giving USD EUR/USD, you are actually buying Euros while simultaneously selling U. dollars; when selling EUR/USD, you are selling Euros and buying U. USD then it means it will be better to open sell position for EUR/USD.

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Forex Training and Trading in Urdu with Easy Way In this above video of forex Training I will teach you below topics.. Read More » Forex Scalping for Scalpers in Forex Trading. Read More » Money Exchange with Gaps Forex Trading It is a price pattern which can offer information regarding the direction of the price and the strength of the market.

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Forex training in urdu download:

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